Solar industry
Highest standards of quality
Bremas disconnect switches range is designed for safety operations even under load. DP-DK-DM-DX disconnect switches series has been specifi cally designed for DC applications in the solar industry. In only one sizes are available current rating from 12A to 60A up to 1000VDC and from 10A to 30A at 1500VDC. Thanks to its mechanical and electrical characteristics the DP-DK-DM-DX achieves top performances and the highest standards of quality and operational reliability.
  • Rated current: 60A
  • Rated insulation voltage: 1500V
  • PV1 and PV2 tested
  • Terminal protection degree IP20
  • Diff erent mounting possibilities
  • Padlockable handles and knobs
  • IP66 and IP67
A complete range for DC applications
  • Up to 60A at 1000VDC
  • Up to 30A at 1500VDCWith only 45 mm
The DP-DK-DM-DX series has the most compact dimensions and the highest switching power on the market. Capable of breaking 60A and 1000VDC with only 45 mm (1,77”) of total depth or 30A at 1500VDC, DP-DK-DM-DX is the most complete and versatile range of disconnect switches for the solar industry.
Selected materials
The materials we employ have been carefully studied: the contacts are built with an exclusive alloy specifi cally made. The plastic components are made with V0 materials, the highest selfextinguishing degree. The handles are made with UV rays resistant materials.
Designed for the inverters
of the next generation
Thanks to the modular construction, can manage up to 6 DC inputs/MPPT and up to 12 DC/AC poles.
Best powerful contact system
The time of the electric arc is reduced and this guarantees its extinction” per il primo screenshot, sotto a “best powerful contact system
Worldwide installations
Certified according to the European standard IEC EN 60947 (TÜV) and the Chinese regulations (CCC).
IP protection
The highest level of waterproof and dustproof in photovoltaic industry certified by TUV. IP66 Standard / IP67 Optional. Please contact us for more information.
Easy identification to
positive (+) and negative (-) inputs
RED positive cable entry/exit

BLACKnegative cable entry/exit
Connection and easy wiring
The patented contacts solution permits to connect both the input and output cables in a linear way. The connecting terminals assure a trouble-free use of the screwdriver both in case of panel and base mounting. Designed for an optimal space exploitation: wires do not interfere with each other even in case of mounting adjacent to walls or other devices.
The DC disconnect switches are characterized by high performance and are suitable for installation in diff erent applications, like inverter system, or string box or any other application with DC current (for ex battery disconnetction).
  • Inverter
  • String combiner boxes
  • Energy storage systems (ESS)