Rail transports

Bremas is specialized in the design and manufacturing of customized cam switches suitable for various applications in the rail transport.
Bremas solutions are used for a large variety of applications such as Lights, Lanterns, Air conditioning & Heating systems, Doors and many others.

Main characteristics:
  • IP20 or IP00 terminal protection degree
  • Several mounting versions:
    • With Standard ring quick mounting Ø22
    • With Stainless steel ring & flush panel quick mounting Ø22
    • With handle & plate
  • Self-cleaning contacts
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Customized control shaft
  • V0 self-extinguishing plastic material
  • In according with shocks and vibrations standard IEC EN 61373
  • In according with requirements for fire safety (for electrical equipment) standard UNI EN 45545